Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a Me Sous Weekly Grocery Box drop?

A Me Sous Weekly Grocery Box includes all the fixings to make two servings of three recipes (meaning six meals total), and then some. That includes 3 proteins, vegetables, spices, and any other extra ingredients, plus an occasional surprise or two, because why not? What do we mean when we say “and then some”? Occasionally you’ll get two peppers when you need one, or an extra head of cauliflower. Consider it our cue for you to make the most of your leftovers, or a whole new freestyle meal. We occasionally do themed boxes in addition to our Weekly Grocery Box whose contents will be different based off its respective theme.

How much does it cost?

Me Sous boxes – which include six meals and then some – are $165 per box, or $150 per box if you purchase a pack. Choose your cadence, whether you want to dine in once a month or every week. We can't wait to send to you.

I'd like Me Sous in my city.

Thanks for the show of support. We're focused on creating the best possible culinary experience for our friends in New York City right now, but you can nominate your city by shooting a note to

What are you doing in light of COVID-19?

Me Sous boxes are prepared off-site in a safe catering facility that's been in operation for 25+ years, so they are the pros on safe and clean cooking. We also offer contactless delivery on all boxes.

Where do you deliver to?

All five boroughs of New York City.

Do I get to choose my delivery time?

Deliveries are set to go out on Wednesdays and Fridays between 1pm - 6pm.